Youth Photo Competition

The City of Toronto and The City of Milan, as part of their twin cities relationship are pleased to launch the Mobile City Toronto Milan- Youth Photography Contest. The contest is open to all youth ages 16 to 22 years in the twin cities. (See attached flyer) From now to May 15, youth contestants are invited to share their dreams and insights about urban life through the creation of digital photographs. Entrants are required to post a suite of 3 (minimum)-5 (maximum) pictures along with a short artist statement which illustrate urban life in their respective cities.

The photos will then be adjudicated by a jury from each city. Commentary on this exciting project is invited and encouraged to help bring Toronto and Milan closer together. In preparation for the project, Toronto Culture and community arts partners are supporting digital photography programs and drop-in sessions in the City’s priority neighbourhoods to ensure all youth have access and opportunity to enter the contest. 

Ten photographers from each city will be selected to have their work presented in a public exhibition, win a trip to the ‘twin’ city and have a chance for further education in photography and learn about the art and culture of each others city in the summer of 2008. A book will be published that will document the experience, showcase their work and capture the cultural exchange of award winners. 

For more information please contact: Nadira Pattison, Manager Arts Services, at (416) 338-1263 or


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